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Our Children's Place
P.O. Box 13073
Durham, NC 27709
Phone: (919) 904-4286
Coastal Horizons Center, Inc.


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Rhonda Angerio, AIA
Principal, Smith Sinnett Architecture, PA

Christopher C. Blue
Chief of Police, Town of Chapel Hill

Daniel Bowes, JD
Attorney, North Carolina Justice Center

Mark D. Brown, CPA
Coleman Huntoon & Brown PLLC

Smiles Schree Chavdarov
Social Justice Advocate

Shirley Drechsel
Community Advocate
sdrechsel @hotmail.com

Valerie P. Foushee
Senator, North Carolina General Assembly

Michelle H. Guarino, MSW, LCSW
Crisis Unit / Human Services Division Supervisor, Chapel Hill Police Department

Claire Lyons, CFA, Co-Vice Chair
Vice President, Senior Analyst
Piedmont Investment Advisors, LLC

Richard Rosen
Professor Emeritus, UNC School of Law

Anthony (Tony) Shook, Secretary

Katie Wakeford, M.Arch.
Intern Architect, Bizios Architect


Melissa Radcliff
Program Director

Why I Decided To Join The Board

Daniel Bowes
"As the child of a formerly incarcerated parent, the work of Our Childrenís Place is very personal to me. In witnessing my fatherís struggle to move beyond his criminal past so that he could better provide for our family, I came to understand the deep frustration individuals experience isolated from gainful employment, affordable housing, and the resources essential to productive citizenship. I also came to appreciate the tremendous strength of individuals who remain committed to their families and continue to struggle forward in the face of these barriers. It is a true gift to see this same strength in my clients, as well as the many mothers and fathers Our Childrenís Place connects with their children."

Colleen Bridger
"I decided to join the board because children of incarcerated parents need a strong voice to advocate for their needs and I see Our Childrenís Place as meeting that need."

Sabrina Bristo
"My area of interest in social work is macro practice, which focuses on advocacy, community organization, and policy analysis. Advocating for the needs of children and families by joining the OCP board was a natural combination of my love of children and my career interests, and an opportunity to help influence public policy on a widespread basis about children facing the challenges of an incarcerated parent."

Mark D. Brown
"I have been involved with helping children in different capacities for many years. Through community involvement with various organizations and sports, I have always believed that it is essential that children be provided with a voice and I am honored to have the opportunity to serve as an advocate for them with Our Childrenís Place."

Valerie Foushee
"For most of my adult life I have been an advocate for childrenís and womenís issues and have served on boards to promote their physical, mental, and social health. I believe that children of incarcerated parents are not just an underserved population, but a population that is ignored by the power base of our society. By serving on this board I hope to be able to bridge the gap between policy and funding to ensure adequate resource allocation for the services necessary to meet the needs of these children."

Michelle Hodges Guarino
"Attachment and relationships are crucial to children. One is most lucky to have a loving, nurturing and caring mother and father in the home. When a parent is incarcerated the village; care takers, schools, human service agencies, positive role models and many others must assist in providing what all children deserve, a sense of belonging and love. Having a parent that is incarcerated is life changing, especially for the children who are often stigmatized and feel insecure. My hope in being a part of OCP is to be a part of the solution. To be a part of a larger group of people that can provide some hope, stability and sense of belonging to children. To be a part of a group that brings awareness to community members about this issue. To be a part of an organization that encourages parents to change and be thriving, healthy, loving parents to their deserving children."

Gayle Harris
"I joined the Board of Our Childrenís Place because I was impressed by the work of the organization. I understand the value of strong parent-child relationships and appreciate the efforts to create bonding opportunities and awareness and support for children of incarcerated parents."

Ellie Kinnaird
"I joined the Board to carry on the work to inform the public and those involved in the criminal justice system and social services of the needs of the 20,000 children of incarcerated parents."

Claire Lyons
"I hope to be able to help OCP find ways to better meet the needs of a growing and underserved population of children and caregivers impacted by incarceration policies. I believe strongly in the organizationís goal of providing voice and empowerment to those whose struggles are the subject of much societal avoidance and condemnation. Both parties on either side of the prison wall should be better off should a stronger connection between parents and children be facilitated and maintained. Hopefully then, we can be one step closer to reducing the negative impact that incarceration has on our families and communities."

Anthony (Tony) Shook
"My time in prison taught me the importance of keeping connected with family, especially for those with children. Time and again I saw how someone who cared for his kids would restrain himself from doing something that could result in more time just because he didnít want to prolong his separation from his child. While there were some I met who were little more than sperm donors, (sorry, somewhat crude but sadly accurate) most did care for their children and longed to be with them again. OCP provides a mechanism to awaken the public of the hidden victims of crime and hopefully help reach out to them and support their remaining in contact with their parent(s) who are incarcerated."

Thanks to the wonderful children in our community (and their parents) who are modeling some of our hats. Do you have a cute picture of someone wearing one of our hats? We're always looking for great photos!

Our Children's Place · P.O. Box 13073, Durham, NC 27709 · Phone: (919) 904-4286