Our Children's Place
Our Children's Place
P.O. Box 13073
Durham, NC 27709
Phone: (919) 904-4286
Coastal Horizons Center, Inc.


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Coastal Horizons Center is licensed as a 501(c)(3) and is recognized by the State of North Carolina.

To make a donation to Our Children’s Place, make your check payable to Coastal Horizons Center (with Our Children’s Place in the memo line) and mail to:

Coastal Horizons Center
P.O. Box 13073
Durham, NC 27709

You will be sent an acknowledgement letter.

You may also donate online using Intuit Payment Network:

Or using Pay Pal by clicking the button below.

Our Children's Place

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If you would like to consider a stock donation, please read the following:

To donate stock by DTC transfer:

Your bank or broker may transfer stock to Our Children's Place account.

It is very important that your bank or broker contact the OCP office at (919) 904-4286 with details of the gift, including the name of the stock and number of shares. Your bank or broker should not sell the assets on your behalf or you will be liable for the tax on the capital gain.

(If the stock you would like to donate has depreciated in value since it was purchased, it is a better strategy to sell the stock, make a gift of the proceeds and report the loss on your personal tax return.)

To donate stock by physical transfer:

If you hold the physical certificates, please do not fill in anything on the certificate itself. Instead, sign one stock power for each stock certificate and have your signature guaranteed by a bank officer. Send the stock powers and letter of transmittal in one envelope and the certificates in a separate envelope to the OCP office at the address below:

Our Children's Place
P.O. Box 13073
Durham, NC 27709
(919) 904-4286

Please consult with your financial advisor before making a stock donation decision.

Thanks to the wonderful children in our community (and their parents) who are modeling some of our hats. Do you have a cute picture of someone wearing one of our hats? We're always looking for great photos!

Our Children's Place · P.O. Box 13073, Durham, NC 27709 · Phone: (919) 904-4286