Our Children's Place
Our Children's Place
P.O. Box 13073
Durham, NC 27709
Phone: (919) 904-4286
Coastal Horizons Center, Inc.


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Ways to be Involved

  • H.A.T.S. (Handcrafted And Totally Special) - hats and other items handcrafted by female inmates and community members

    • Invite OCP to participate in an alternative market
    • Be a liaison to prison staff for making hats and other handcrafted items with inmates
    • Take yarn to prison several times a year and pick up finished items
    • Start and/or participate in a crocheting, knitting or other crafting circle that donates hats and scarves (and other handcrafted items) to OCP
  • Spread the word about OCP to faith organizations of your same denomination throughout the state.

  • Invite OCP to speak to your prison ministry/social justice ministry committees about ways to form a partnership.

  • Include OCP in your faith community’s annual budget.

  • Hats and scarves!
  • Use GoodSearch.com as your internet search engine. GoodSearch.com is a Yahoo-powered search engine that donates half its advertising revenue, about a penny per search, to the charities its users designate. OCP is a listed charity.

  • Host an event and designate the proceeds for OCP. How about a potluck lunch, chili cooking contest or wine and cheese gathering? Call us if you need suggestions!

  • Consider a stock donation.

  • Celebrate someone’s special event such as a birthday, graduation, new job or Mother’s Day with a donation to OCP. Make a contribution in his/her name!

  • Make a donation through your workplace giving campaign. For United Way, you can write in “Our Children’s Place.”

  • Belong to a giving circle? Consider OCP as a potential recipient of your contributions.

  • Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OurChildrensPlaceNC.

  • Make a donation through Network for Good – www.networkforgood.org.

  • Give an annual contribution (restricted or non-restricted).

  • Help OCP network and spread the word across the state! What groups do you belong to that might be interested in learning more? Faith community, service group, workplace, book club, neighborhood association, professional association . . . the list is endless.

  • Thanks to the wonderful children in our community (and their parents) who are modeling some of our hats. Do you have a cute picture of someone wearing one of our hats? We're always looking for great photos!

    Our Children's Place · P.O. Box 13073, Durham, NC 27709 · Phone: (919) 904-4286