How You Can Help


Questions About Your Community

Is your community having a conversation about the best ways to support children of incarcerated parents? Why or why not? What would it take to make this happen?

What resources exist in your community? Where are the gaps?

What’s happening in your local schools? Your local department of social services? Your local jail and/or prison?

Is your faith community addressing the needs of both those who are incarcerated (through prison ministry, worship services, Bible study, etc.) and those family members left behind who are sitting in the pews. Faith leaders, consider giving a sermon on how communities can support children of incarcerated parents.

Questions About Yourself

Would I feel comfortable talking to a child about his incarcerated parent? If not, what would help me feel more comfortable?  We're here to help!



Children of incarcerated parents live in all of our communities, not just some or “those” communities.


Think about the effect of the language and messages our society uses when talking about incarceration, parents in jail and prison, etc. A person referred to by his/her number, called a con, or labeled an ex-offender may be a child’s parent.



Offer a job to someone with a criminal record. Imagine the impact it would have on his/her children!


Make a donation to Our Children’s Place in honor or memory of a loved one or to celebrate a special occasion (birthday, graduation, Mother’s/Father’s Day, etc.).

Make Our Children’s Place part of your annual charitable giving.

Belong to a giving circle? Consider Our Children’s Place as a potential recipient.

Support Parent Day held at one of the prisons. Check with us about what’s needed: food, craft supplies, books, etc.

Donate yarn to support H.A.T.S.


Hats make great gifts! Support our H.A.T.S. program and attend one of the markets we participate in (or invite us to yours!), stop by to say “Hi!”, select one or more wonderful hats, and give them a good home. We post our market schedule on our website and Facebook.  Donation locations can be found on our H.A.T.S. page.

Wish List

Please help us check off items from our wish list.


Share what you’ve learned on this web site with a friend!

Share the Bill of Rights with an elected official and ask him/her what’s happening at the local, county, state, and national level to support children of incarcerated parents.

Add books and other resources about children of incarcerated parents to waiting areas, libraries, classrooms, story time, backpacks programs, etc. Lists of suggested books for children, young readers, teens, and adults can be found under our Resources tab.

Invite us to speak to your civic, professional, or faith group. Consider inviting a community leader to attend as your guest.

Host a yarn drive to support H.A.T.S.

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